Pet Tag Shopping Guide

Why Pet Tags are Important 

Our pets are dependent on us to keep them happy, comfortable, and safe: we feed them their favorite treats, give them unlimited snuggles, and take them on adventures. Their unconditional love and loyalty ensure us they will never stray away, until they do. Every so often, our loyal companions get a little too curious and new scents tempt them to wander beyond their comfort zone. According to American Humane Association, 10 million pets are lost in the US each year, with only 15% of dogs and 2% of cats that don’t have proper identification returning home. Shocking, right? A physical pet ID tag will make sure your pet has a way to make it home. 

Proper Pet Identification 

While there are many ways to ensure your fur baby returns home, high quality dog tags are by far the most efficient way to get them back. That’s right, even if your pet is microchipped. Pet ID tags are the first indicator that a pet has a home and can make a pet’s return home easier on them (and you)The chances of someone calling the number on your tag are higher than the chances of someone taking your pet to get its microchip scanned. Microchips are useful to small extent. Did you know:  

  • Microchips migrate from the neck to other parts of the body – making them hard to find and difficult to scan. 

  • There are competing microchip technologies out there, which means if your lost pet is taken to a vet for scanning there is a chance that the vet will not have a scanning device compatible with your pet’s chip.  

  • More often than not, pet owners fail to notify the chip company when they move – so often contact information is out of date.  

 At Quick-Tag, we believe a tag is more than a name and a phone number, it’s a ticket home. 

Avoid the Heartbreak and get a Pet ID Tag 

At Quick-Tag, we create high-quality tags that laser-engrave information to ensure your pet’s ticket home is always legible. Did we mention we have tons of tags to choose from? We’ve got a tag for all pet and human personalities, styles, and interests. Our pet tag collectioninclude: sports tagsDisney tags, cat tagsdecorative tagscartoon tagsand even bag tags! 

Not sure which pet id tag to pick? Browsour Pet ID Tag Style Guide for some inspiration: 

For the Treat Lover

These bone-shaped tags are perfect for the pet that revolved their life around food!


For the Hunter

These camos printed pet tags are perfect for your little hunter.


For the Love Bug

These iconic heart shapes are perfect for the pet that spreads love everywhere they go. 



For the Pampered Pal

These fun designs are perfect for the pet that always gets their way! 


For the Adventurer  

These whimsical designs by Phil Lewis are perfect for the pet that takes the road less wandered. You can’t find these anywhere else!  



What to put on your Pet Tag ID 

Tagging your pet is only helpful if you put the right information on it. Every pet is different, so information will vary tag to tag.  If you plan on adding as much information as you can, check out our Military shaped tags, which offers double-sided engraving with up to 8 lines of space 

Information Essentials for Outdoor Dogs and Cats Pet ID Tags: 

  • Family Surname (it is recommended to not put your pet’s name on the tag to protect them from theft)  
  • Phone number (make sure the number is up-to-date and reachable!) 
  • Additional phone number (Whether it is your significant other, your reliable neighbor, your best friend, or your vet, always put a second number just in case you are unable to pick up the phone) 
  • Microchip information (“I’m Chipped!” in case no one answers the phone, it will help the finder get your pet somewhere for scanning)  
  • Important Medical and Behavioral information (optional) 
    • “Not a fan of dogs” 
    • “I’m allergic to __”  
    • “I don’t like belly rubs”  
    • “I’m Shy 

Information Essentials for Indoor Dogs and Cats: 
  • Family Surname 
  • Lost Indicator: “I am lost!” or “I’m an Indoor Pet” (This will indicate that your pet is unfamiliar with the world beyond its home and highlight the urgency of the situation) 
  • Phone number (make sure the number is up-to-date and reachable! If you aren’t good at answering the phone put someone’s number down that will be able to get in contact with you) 
  • Important Medical and Behavioral information (optional) 
    • “Not a fan of dogs” 
    • “I’m allergic to __”  
    • “I don’t like belly rubs”  
    • “I’m Shy 


Information Essentials for Pets with Medical Needs:  

If your pet has a medical condition, our personalized medical tags are the fastest way to draw attention to critical information about your pet. If your pet’s condition is serious, be sure to check out our medical ID charm, too.   

  • Important Medical and Behavioral information (make sure this is in the first line of the tag) 
  • Phone number (make sure the number is up-to-date and reachable!) 
  • Vet Number  




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