Oceanworks x Quick-Tag

Ocean's Best Friend.

Pet essentials that fetch big change.

11 million tons of plastic flow into the ocean each year

So we’re turning the tide by repurposing ocean-bound recycled plastic for pet walking essentials.

We believe that protecting pets and preserving the planet go paw-in-paw — because let's face it, our family deserves the best, and so does Mother Earth.

At Quick-Tag, we sea the value in repurposing ocean-bound plastic, and now you can sea the positive impact in our products.

Our Partner with a Purpose

Protecting our planet is a top priority for us at Quick-Tag. That's why we sought partnerships with organizations who share the same principles we do—a partner like Oceanworks, the world's most robust recycled plastic network.

Oceanworks connects local recycled plastic supply with global demand to keep plastic out of the ocean. Their global supply chain promotes transparency by tracking materials from collecting to manufacturing.

They maintain the highest standards allowing customers to buy with confidence. For their efforts, more than 100 companies trust Oceanworks as their respected recycled plastic partner.

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